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Buying or selling your house is one of the most important transactions in life. You need a settlement agent you can trust. 

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Our flat rate settlement fees are based on the cost of our service, not the value of your property.

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Our fee includes all of the services usually required to complete settlement under REIWA’s standard contract.

Our fixed fee includes:

  • verification of identity check in person at our office;
  • postage within Australia, petties, photocopying, telephone calls, faxes and settlement attendance.

Our fixed fee excludes:

  • disbursements – these are government, bank and strata fees only, which we pay and you must reimburse us.  All disbursements are charged at cost.

For full terms refer to our Product Disclosure Statement (PDS).

Seller settlement


Our fee includes all of the services usually required to complete settlement under REIWA’s standard contract.

Our fixed fee includes:

  • verification of identity check in person at our office;
  • postage within Australia, petties, photocopying, telephone calls, faxes and settlement attendance.

Our fixed fee excludes:

  • disbursements – these are government, bank and strata fees only, which we pay and you must reimburse us.  All disbursements are charged at cost.

For full terms refer to our Product Disclosure Statement (PDS).

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You may write “Flat Rate Settlements 92204430” in the panel provided at the foot of the Offer and Acceptance Contract form, but this is not essential.

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We charge buyers and sellers a low, fixed price settlement fee. You may choose us for  our price, but you’ll love us for our service.

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What is a real estate settlement?
Settlement is the process by which a contract to buy and sell real estate is completed. Settlement representatives ensure that legal title to real estate is transferred from sellers to buyers, rates are adjusted and the purchase price is paid. The seller and the buyer each need a settlement representative. It is permissible for both parties to have the same representative however it is usually preferable for the parties to be separately represented. Want more information? Read our post – What does a settlement agent do?
What arrangements should be made by the buyer before settlement?

As buyer, you should attend to the following matters, where applicable, before the settlement date:

  • Arrange for the real estate agent to give you the keys to the property on the date of possession.
  • Ensure the property is adequately insured from date of possession or on the settlement date (whichever date is the earlier).
  • Have the electricity service and any gas service transferred into your name from the date of possession. Any outstanding electricity or gas account is the seller’s responsibility and will not be apportioned at settlement.
  • Arrange for any telephone, internet, pay television and other telecommunications services you require to be installed or transfer your existing services to the property.
  • Inspect the property a few days before the settlement date.
What arrangements should be made by the seller before settlement?

As seller, you should attend to the following matters, where applicable, before the settlement date:

  • Arrange for the real estate agent to give the keys to the property to the buyer on the date of possession or, if you occupy the premises as your principal place of residence, at noon on the day following settlement.
  • Cancel your insurance on the property no sooner than the day after the buyer takes possession or settlement (whichever occurs first).
  • Cancel the electricity and gas services. Any amount for electricity or gas consumed by you up to the date of possession or settlement is your responsibility and will not be apportioned at settlement.
  • Cancel your telephone, internet, pay television and any other telecommunications services or transfer them to your new residence.
Are any penalties payable if settlement is delayed?
The standard REIWA contract provides that if for any reason attributable to the other party, settlement is not completed within 3 business days after the settlement date, you may demand compensation at the rate of 9% per annum on the balance of the purchase price payable (penalty interest). Penalty interest is calculated from the settlement date to the date upon which settlement is completed and must be paid at settlement. Your right to compensation is subject to you and your lender (if any) being ready, willing and able to complete settlement on the settlement date. If you are not ready, willing and able to settle on the settlement date, then your right to compensation begins from the date upon which you give written notice to the other party that you are ready, willing and able to complete the settlement. We will only claim penalty interest on your behalf if we receive your written instructions to do so. We will advise you should there be any delay in settlement. For more information, read out blog post Penalties for late settlement.
What are the requirements for RCD & hard-wired smoke alarms?

As of 9 August 2009 the Electricity Regulations 1947 (WA) require sellers of residential properties built after 1 January 2000 to install at least 2 residual current devices (RCD’s) in the premises before the sale is completed. As of 1 October 2009 it is compulsory that mains powered smoke alarms are installed in residential properties prior to sale.

Prior to settlement, the seller should provide the buyer with a certificate certifying that RCD’s and smoke alarms are installed in accordance with the Electricity (Licensing) Regulations 1991.

For more information, please see the RCD’s fact sheet or the Smoke alarms information.

How do I arrange to discharge the mortgage on my property?
Unless stated in the contract, the property is sold free of all encumbrances. This means that, at settlement, any mortgages, caveats and other encumbrances must be discharged so that the buyer receives a clear title. If there is a mortgage or other encumbrance on the title, the seller must contact the relevant financial institution or other persons and request that the encumbrance be removed at settlement. The most common reason that settlement is delayed by a seller is that the discharging financier is not ready to settle. If settlement is delayed for this reason the seller may be liable to pay penalty interest to the buyer.
How are rates and taxes adjusted at settlement?

All local authority rates, Water Corporation rates, strata levies and land tax (outgoings) for the current year will be apportioned between the buyer and seller with the effect that:

  • the seller pays the outgoings up to and including the settlement date or possession date (whichever is earlier); and
  • the buyer pays the outgoings from the day after the settlement date or possession date (whichever is earlier).

We will notify those authorities of the change of ownership.

If land tax is payable by the seller in respect of the property, it will not be apportioned where:

  • the property is a residence which is capable of being used as a residence and for no other purpose; or
  • the property includes a residence which is capable of being used as a residence and:
    • the land is less than 2 hectares; and
    • that part of the land on which the residence is not constructed is used solely for an agricultural purpose.
What is transfer duty and who is responsible for paying it?

Transfer duty (formerly known as stamp duty) is a State Government tax calculated on the value of the property. You can calculate transfer duty using our settlement calculator.

The buyer is liable to pay transfer duty on the contract and transfer. You may be eligible for a reduced rate of transfer duty if you are a first home buyer or you are buying a residence for owner occupation.

You must lodge your contract at the Office of State Revenue for assessment within 2 months of the contract date. If you fail to do so you may be liable to pay a fine or late lodgement penalties.

Meet our team

We’re a law firm with more than 30 years’ experience in property law. As lawyers we can offer you so much more than a settlement agent. If there’s a problem with your settlement, it’s good to know that we, your settlement lawyers, can advise you of your rights and tackle the difficulty on the spot.

Legal Practitioner Director
Michael, a seasoned lawyer in Western Australia since 1997, specialises in succession and property law. Having served as a general legal practitioner for over 15 years, Michael represented clients in various matters, both in and out of court and……
Legal Practitioner Director
Lucy leads our non-contentious Wills and estates team to provide easy to understand succession and estate administration advice. As well as practising law, she brings together people, technology and processes to design and deliver our innovative legal services. Lucy,……
Chris is an integral member of Flat Rate Settlements, working alongside Laura with a focus on real estate settlements in Western Australia. His responsibilities include managing legal property transfers, collaborating with clients and banks, and overseeing the signing and……
Settlements team leader
Laura has rapidly ascended to become a highly regarded property conveyancer in Western Australia, thanks to her unwavering commitment to real estate settlements and her inherent administrative and analytical prowess. As the team leader at Flat Rate Settlements, she……


What our clients say

A very easy service to use, people were very easy to deal with and information clear and concise.
Mr L, settlements client
November 29, 2023
We have been working with Laura Gaunt for all of our settlements for the past 4 years and she has been nothing but professional and efficient. Highly recommended.
Tim Wang
November 29, 2023
Excellent service. Thank you.
Ms F
September 15, 2022
Recently, we were very fortunate to be able to use Flat Rate Settlements to complete the settlement process for the sale of our house and the purchase of a new apartment. The whole process, facilitated by Mandy Truong, was conducted in a professional, helpful and extremely courteous manner. Mandy took great pains to keep us fully informed at all times. Requests for extra information or clarification of particular issues were handled promptly and efficiently and she also made every effort to clearly explain what was required of us as her clients. On the occasions that I needed to phone Mandy, she was extremely accommodating and helpful and generous with her time. During the extended settlement period Mandy provided a number of interim reports that flagged the way in which progress was taking place. These reports were clearly set out and enabled us to be fully aware of the financials involved. As a result, the final settlement statement statement was easy to understand and interpret. All in all, we were extremely satisfied with way in which our settlement procedure was handled, due largely to the competent and pleasant way that Mandy looked after us. I would have no hesitation in providing my unequivocal recommendation of Flat Rate Settlements to any person seeking the services of a professional, efficient and supportive settlement agency.
Mr W, satisfied settlement client
August 22, 2022
This is the third or fourth time I have used Flat Rate Settlements and they have provided an excellent service each time. They are very knowledgeable, professional and thorough. And I can confidently say that their staff provide above and beyond, and always with a helpful and very pleasant manner. Nothing was too much trouble for both Laura and Mandy, even though I had a complicated and delayed settlement due to other parties, and had to contact them many times. I could not rate them any higher and would definitely recommend them for settlement services.
Ms Kenny
May 27, 2022
Thank you Chris. Just wanted to say I am very happy with Flat Rate Settlements, in particular yourself for settling my property so promptly and stress free. Much appreciated! Will be recommending you on to others in the future ?
Ms L
May 16, 2022

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