Team B&R

Team Members

Chris Hansord

Departments: Real estate settlements

Chris is an integral member of Flat Rate Settlements, working alongside Laura with a focus on real estate settlements in Western Australia. His responsibilities include managing legal property transfers, collaborating with clients and banks, and overseeing the signing and analysis of crucial documents. Possessing a dedication to his craft, Chris excels in handling and completing his responsibilities with a keen eye for detail.

Chris also takes care of our deceased estate matters including survivorship applications, transmission applications and transfers of land to beneficiaries.

Chris demonstrates a dynamic and proactive approach to his professional role and his willingness to take on diverse tasks showcases not only his versatility but also his commitment to personal and career growth. Chris’s proactive attitude positions him as an invaluable team member at Flat Rate Settlements, where he consistently seeks opportunities to contribute, learn, and excel in the ever-evolving field of real estate settlements.

Outside the office, Chris is a connoisseur of entertaining experiences. Whether it’s dining out with friends, attempting escape rooms, giving axe throwing a shot or attending barbecue school, Chris thrives on trying new and exciting activities. His diverse interests reflect a well-rounded individual dedicated to both professional excellence and a vibrant personal life.

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