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Legal guide

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We’ve helped thousands of home buyers complete the purchase of their new home. If something can go wrong, we’ve seen it! Follow our tips and let your sleepless nights be caused by excitement not stress.

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What our clients say

Having used Flat Rate Settlements on 2 occasions in the past 3 months both engagements have been 5 star. Professional, informative and responsive to all queries is what made us go back the 2nd time and I will be sure they are first point of call in the future for further purchases or selling and if required legal advice. Highly recommend! Thank you to Laura and Chris.
Mr King
April 27, 2022
Thank you Laura for your professional services in settling the purchase of our “off the plan” parcel of residential land. I recommend Flat Rate Settlements. We chose you because we wanted to have seamless legal assistance should the process not go as planned. And we are thankful we did, because it ended up being a drawn out process that gave us cause for concern. Your communication and and professional advice eased our concerns. What’s more, your service was no more expensive than the many other Settlement Agents in Perth. I would use this service even for what might seem a straight forward settlement. The advantage is that should issues arise with the settlement, you have direct access to in house property lawyers, unlike the majority of settlement agents. It’s peace of mind at the right price. Thank you team.
Mr Pethick
April 1, 2022
For what appeared to be a seriously complex and intensive settlement, that had a total of 4 independent homes involved in the chain (2 of which were managed for me by Flat Rate Settlements), the company yet again made it turn out to be a totally fuss-free event for me. The end result was what mattered to me the most, which in effect was an accurate settlement transaction in which I sold one home to buy another. Mandy Truong from the firm, handled my settlement and she made it effortless for me, attending to every aspect of the transaction on time and super accurately. I have bought and sold homes on other occasions with the assistance of Flat Rate Settlements and I would be very comfortable in recommending them to anyone embarking on a real estate venture.
Mr Drew
March 31, 2022
Michael – Thank you very much for your help on this one. Really appreciate your efforts.
Mr D
March 8, 2022
Enjoyed our meeting today, many thanks Michael.
Ms King
February 23, 2022
We highly recommend Flat Rate Settlements. Chris was professional, efficient, and organised. He made us feel at ease with the sale of our home. This is the 5th time we have used Flat Rate Settlements and we will again in the future.
Ms Gaspar
January 13, 2022