Buyers: 7 questions to ask the real estate agent

Amid the distractions and emotions of the buying process, how do you know what questions to ask?  The handy checklists in our Legal Guide will give you a good start; for example, these questions you can ask the real estate agent.

  1. What are the rates and taxes? Are there underground power levies?
  2. Will you have to pay for fencing or retaining walls? In some cases you may be required to contribute to the cost of existing dividing fences.
  3. Are there any restrictions on the use of the property that are not listed on the title? For example, easements or agreements granting neighbours or others rights over the property?
  4. Do all structures and fences on the property have the approvals required by law?
  5. If any buildings or additions are less than six years old, has home indemnity insurance been taken out?
  6. Are there any legal ownership disputes?
  7. If the property is leased, obtain a copy of the lease and any managing agent agreement.

You may wish to ask the real estate agent for written answers, signed by the seller.

This list is not exhaustive and it is not legal advice. Every transaction is different and, where necessary, you should seek professional assistance.


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