Buyers: 7 questions to ask the Local Government


Buyers: 7 questions to ask the Local Government

Amid the distractions and emotions of the buying process, how do you know what questions to ask?  The handy checklists in our Legal Guide will give you a good start; for example, these questions you can ask the local government.

  1. Is the property connected to the sewer and underground power? If not, will you have to pay the cost of connection?
  2. What is the zoning of the property and adjacent properties? The zoning determines the type and density of development permitted.
  3. Do any planning restrictions apply?
  4. Is there any proposed development affecting the property?
  5. Are there any outstanding orders or requisitions; for example, relating to health orders or swimming pools?
  6. Inspect the building plans of the property, checking for any unapproved structures.
  7. Can you get approval for any renovations or alteration you are planning? There may be environmental or heritage restrictions.

In order to obtain this information, you may need to ask the seller for a written authority addressed to the local government for release of information regarding the property to you.

This list is not exhaustive and it is not legal advice. Every transaction is different and, where necessary, you should seek professional assistance.

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