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Office Plants for Low Light Spaces

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What is your office plant situation? Do you work in a low-lit workplace filled with faux foliage? Are you lacking creativity and motivation? If the biophile in you is yearning to connect with living things besides your colleague, it is time to invest in some living office plants. Scientific studies have proven that plants in the workplace […]

The O&A – what buyers need to know

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When you find a property that you want to buy, the seller’s agent will invite you to make a written offer.  Agents usually write up offers based on your instructions to them, but if you are contemplating changes to the standard contract provisions we strongly recommend you engage a lawyer to draft the contract.

The 3 Landgate searches every buyer should make

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The simplest pre-purchase enquiry a buyer can make about a property is to obtain copies of relevant documents (searches) from Landgate.  Landgate is the state government’s land information authority and is responsible for maintaining records of land in Western Australia.  You can obtain copies of Landgate document for any property in Western Australia, even if you don’t own it.

Buyers: Let’s talk about real estate agents

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Like any good sales people, real estate agents work hard to build trust with buyers, and will often invest many hours in identifying properties of interest to you. This is all for the good, so long as you remember that your friendly agent is being paid by the seller  – not you  – and as such owes his/her client (the seller) a contractual and moral duty to obtain the highest price possible.

The 3 keys to success for WA property buyers

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Many pitfalls await the unsuspecting property buyer in WA. As a buyer, you must be well-informed and well-prepared in the buying process to ensure your interests are protected. #1 Make enquiries Inform yourself by making thorough enquiries about the property before you sign a contract. #2 Get advice before you sign We recommend you engage […]

Getting to know Lucy Dickens

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The Flat Rate Settlements team prides itself on delivering innovative, high-quality and affordable settlement services.  Since its inception, Supervising Lawyer, Lucy Dickens, has been instrumental in cultivating strong team culture through her passion for innovation, effective mentoring and continuing professional development. The result is a high-performing team with a high level of respect for their […]

Free agency – consider a private sale

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Selling your property yourself, without using the services of a real estate agent, is known as a private sale. Pros and Cons The obvious advantage of a private sale is not paying a real estate agent’s fee, which may be a substantial saving, particularly an agent’s fee calculated as a percentage of the sale price […]