Ms P, Beaconsfield (October 2017)

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Professional, efficient and proficient are my initial thoughts about Flat Rate Settlements.  On the advice of a friend I engaged Flat Rate Settlements as I found the task of choosing an agent daunting…and it was the correct choice.  The service fees were very reasonable, the initial communication, as well as all ongoing communication, was outstanding […]

Mr and Mrs H, Tuart Hill (October 2017)

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Thank you for providing a service that is very straight forward and easy to work work. Emma was good to work with and handled our questions and the changes that happened along the way very well. She processed 2 concurrent settlements for us.

Mrs C and Mr J, Greenwood (October 2017)

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Jessica was fantastic from start to finish. I could not recommend her highly enough. We had last minute issues on our buyers end but Jessica went above and beyond to ensure we still settled both properties that day.

Mr T, Balwyn North, Victoria (October 2017)

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This is my 9th purchase property and this is best settlement agent I have seen!  Not only the price but the service is the best I encounter. keep me up to date the process of settlement, documents and work smoothly and professionally. Strongly recommend for property settlement in Perth. Thank you

Mr L, Perth (September 2017)

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Settlement agent was so unprofessional and never do her job properly. Never check the documents and can’t even calculate the fees correctly. In the end made us pay more in the rates! She is only good at pushing away responsibilities to other parties!! [Flat Rate Settlements replies – our error in adjusting rates cost this […]

Mrs C, South Fremantle (September 2017)

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I was very impressed with the professional approach to our settlement.  Our emails and concerns were promptly dealt with, advice and guidance were never any trouble and above all, the costs were very reasonable.  I would highly recommend Flat Rate Settlements and will use them again.