Have you deadlocked your rental property?

Do you have a rental property? Did you know that as of July 2015, all rental properties must comply with new minimum security requirements?

A review of the Residential Tenancies Act 1987 recommended changes to the Act, which clarified what is considered to be ‘reasonable levels of security’ on rental properties.  The new laws provide more detail around the minimum standards required to keep your property secure.

What is the new minimum level of security required?

In general:

All main entry door and all other external doors on ground level have to be fitted with deadlocks or AS 5039-2008 compliant key lockable security screen doors.

Windows must be fitted with a lock which prevents the window from being opened from outside the premises. They do not need to be key-lockable, however must prevent the window from being opened outside the premises.

An external security / electrical light (operable from inside the premises) must be fitted to illuminate the main entry.

Special considerations:

Apartments / units not on the ground floor / multi-story homes  – minimum security requirements are only required for the main entry door, if balconies and windows not easily accessible from the outside of the premises.  External lighting does not need to be fitted by the lessor if it is the responsibility of the strata company.

Louvered windows – must be fitted with a functional locking system / be lockable in the shut position.

But my rental is heritage listed!

Rural properties and properties listed on the State Heritage Register properties are exempt from these amended requirements. However, locks or other devices need to be maintained to ensure the rental premises are ‘reasonably secure’.

Need more information?

Visit the Department of Commerce website to review the revised rental property security standards,  and download this fabulous checklist, to check that your rental property complies with the minimum levels of security.

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