Office Plants for Low Light Spaces


What is your office plant situation? Do you work in a low-lit workplace filled with faux foliage? Are you lacking creativity and motivation? If the biophile in you is yearning to connect with living things besides your colleague, it is time to invest in some living office plants.

Scientific studies have proven that plants in the workplace have health and productivity benefits.  They have been shown to help reduce stress, increase productivity, decrease sickness and absence rates, clean the air, reduce noise levels and boost creativity.  And while not every plant thrives in every workplace, there are a variety of inexpensive, hardy and beautiful plants that suit most indoor conditions. So, unless you work in a broom cupboard, there is an office plant for you.

In line with our evolving Green Policy, we decided to replace our faux foliage with real office plants. To ensure that our plant selection was suitable for our low-lighting conditions and limited gardening skills, we sought the expertise of Horticulturalist, Sharon Barbera. Below are Sharon’s top plant suggestions based on our office conditions.

Office Plants that work best in low light offices

Snake Plant

Office Plants for Black Thumbs

Worried your black thumbs might result in a plant cemetery? Fear not! Apparently, black thumbs don’t often pose problems to office plants. Sharon suggested that the plants listed in the low light offices category were fine for black thumbs, saying that ” they are all so very hardy and tough!”

Office Plants Best For Purifying Air

Aesthetics aside, one of the major advantages of office plants is that they can help to purify the air. NASA conducted air purification studies  on a range of indoor plants to ascertain their effect on air quality. As luck would have it, the majority of plants identified as good air purifiers were the same as those suggested for black thumbs and low-lit offices. They are:

  • Epipremnum aureus – Pothos, Devils Ivy
  • Spathiphyllum species – Peace Lily
  • Sansevieria – Snake Plant
  • Chamaedorea – Bamboo Palm
  • Dracaena marginate

Devil’s Ivy

Caring for your Indoor Plants

While the above list of office plants are hardy enough to tolerate the black thumbs among us, they still require a some light, water and fertiliser to thrive .

Watering Tips:

Sharon advises against watering in the pot with water remaining in the bottom or in the saucer. Water in a sink in an office situation and let the plants drain overnight. If that is not possible, self-watering pots are good for an office situation.

Fertilising Tips:

A little fertiliser goes a long way. Liquid feed with a sea weed tonic monthly all year, and fertilise with a fertiliser suited for indoor plants every 6-8 weeks, EXCEPT during Winter (which is not a growing season).

Given the success we have had with Sharon’s tips, we hope that you can green your workplace with confidence. Feel free to talk to us about our choices when you are next at Birman & Ride.

Blog Contributor: Sharon is a horticulturalist, plant consultant and garden designer with over 25 years’ experience working in Perth, who has always been passionate about plants. Having studied Floristry, Horticulture and Landscape Design Sharon loves sharing her knowledge of plants. This has led to her working as a plant educator with a special interest in indoor plants.
Sharon currently works at Creation Landscape Supplies one day a week, runs her own Plant Consultant and Design Business and conducts plant workshops, she continually delights in sharing her love of plants and design with others.



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