Selling your property “subject to finance”

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You’ve sold your home and the contract is subject to finance. The latest date set by the finance clause has come and gone and you’re still waiting for the buyer to send you finance approval. What do you do? The standard-form contract used in WA, known as the Contract for Sale of Land or Strata […]

LJ Hooker Settlements’ lies

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Nobody does it better than LJ Hooker Settlements (according to Mr LJ Hooker). Visit LJ Hooker’s flashy website and a sombre voice warns that cheap offers from competitors “generally reflect the type of service you will receive”. “Some offer a flat fee”, says Mr Hooker ominously. “But these are generally topped up with extra fees […]

Do I need a settlement representative?

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You’ve signed a contract to buy or sell a house and the real estate agent asks you to appoint a settlement representative. What is a settlement representative? Read our blog post to find out. What do they do? A settlement representative arranges to transfer the legal ownership of the property from the seller to the […]

What is a settlement?

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It’s not a silly question. We’re often asked “what is a settlement?“. Settlement Settlement is the process by which a contract to buy and sell real estate is completed.  At settlement, legal title to the property is transferred from seller to buyer in exchange for the balance of the purchase price. Settlement is also the name […]

Install RCD’s and smoke alarms or face hefty fines

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The Electricity Regulations 1947 (WA) require a seller of residential property to install at least 2 residual current devices (RCD’s) in the property before the sale is completed (settlement).  If you settle without RCD’s you may be fined up $15,000 as an individual or $100,000 as a company. A seller of residential property must also install […]

Five things to do before your purchase settlement date

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Arrange for the seller’s real estate agent to give you the house keys immediately after the settlement is complete. If the property is the seller’s principal place of residence, the seller may stay in possession until noon on the day following settlement. Ensure the property is adequately insured from date of possession or settlement, whichever is […]

Five things to do before your sale settlement date

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Arrange for your real estate agent to give the house keys to the buyer immediately once settlement is complete or, if you occupy the premises as your principal place of residence, at noon on the day following settlement. Cancel your insurance on the property one day after the date settlement occurs. Cancel the electricity and […]