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Landgate’s Verification of Identity (VOI) requirements

Why VOI?

In 2010 and 2011, two Western Australian properties were fraudulently sold without the consent of the owners in high-profile scams. The problem of identity theft was suddenly a pressing concern for WA regulators and businesses.

In response, Landgate and other government agencies introduced strong Verification Of Identity (VOI) checks for anyone wanting to sell land in WA.  Completing these checks is a compulsory step in the land transaction process. It appears that the new measures are working – the state Auditor-General’s February 2015 report confirms a low risk of property fraud.

Let’s take a look at the detail of the VOI requirements.


Timing is crucial!  VOI documents need to be completed before the transfer of land documents are lodged at Landgate. Your settlement representative will ensure that you complete the VOI process in good time for settlement.

What documents do I need?

As a seller, you are required to produce current, original identity documents. A current Australian passport AND an Australian Driver’s Licence (with photo) are the “gold standard” identity documents. If you don’t have these documents, a list of other identity documents that meet the revised Identity Standard are located  here.

If you aren’t able to produce the ID documents listed, you may require a statutory declaration. Your settlement agent will advise you in this situation.

Copies of original identity documents are not acceptable.

To whom must I give my ID documents?

The VOI must be carried out in person by either:

  • Your settlement representative –   ie a licenced settlement agent or lawyer. This will generally include signing signing transfer of land documents at the same time.  If Flat Rate Settlements is handling your property transfer, this service is offered free of charge.


  • Australia Post – you can attend a VOI-participating Australia Post outlet for an interview. Please liaise with your settlement representative before attending Australia Post to ensure you have all the necessary documents. Australia Post charges a $39 fee for this service.

By presenting the documents in person, you can be visually cross-referenced with the identity documents that you are presenting.

But I am currently overseas!

If you are outside Australia, the verification of identity and the witnessing of land transfer document must be conducted by an Australian Consular Officer. You will still need to produce an original passport and driver’s licence (or other documents that meet the standard) and a Rates Notice for the property issued by the local government. You should discuss this process with your settlement agent before attending the consular office.


The Flat Rate Settlements team is highly experienced in transferring property and are well equipped to guide you through the VOI process.  Call us on (08) 92204430.


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